Richest Women in the World 2023-2024 Available

Richest Women in the World 2023: The richest woman in the world is Francoise Bettencourt Meyers, who is the granddaughter of L’Oreal’s founder. View the list of the ten wealthiest women in the world. Forbes‘ 2023 ranking of the world’s wealthiest women unveils a diverse group of influential figures spanning different industries and countries. Topping … Read more

Salman Khan: Height, Age, Networth, Wife, Family, Biography & More


Salman Khan: Height, Age, Girlfriend, Wife, Family, Biography & More Personal Profile of Salman Khan Name: Abdul Rashid Salim Salman Khan Nicknames: Sallu, Bhaijan Profession: Actor, Producer, Entrepreneur Net Worth: Rs. 2900 crores Famous for: His acting career in Bollywood Date of Birth: December 27, 1965 Age: 57 Years Gender: Male Nationality: Indian Physical Appearance: … Read more

Gama Pehlwan Biography Wiki

gama pehlwan

Gama Pehlwan, also known as Rustam-e-Hind, was a renowned wrestler from India. Born in 1878 into a family of wrestlers, Gama began training at a young age and eventually defeated many prominent Indian wrestlers. He later traveled to England to compete with Western wrestlers, but struggled due to his short stature. Gama was known for … Read more

The Kerala Story

kerala Story

The Kerala Story is a film “Directed by Sudipto Sen” features a plot based on the story of Fatima Ba, a converted Muslim woman who recounts her experience of being abducted from her home, manipulated by religious extremists, and ultimately becoming an ISIS terrorist, which lands her in a jail in Afghanistan. The film was … Read more